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If you have a bike, car, motorcycle, van, or truck, you can become a bringer for Bid2Bring. We even support delivery on foot!

Choose to work in the location that is most convenient for you, on your own terms. Bid to deliver items to customers based on the pickup and drop-off locations, your vehicle, your location, and the time it will take you. 

Use Bid2Bring exclusively, or in conjunction with other rideshare or delivery apps. Bid2Bring is an inclusive environment, welcoming deliveries from vehicles of all types (even older ones), and inviting Bringers without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, or disability status.

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Work on Your Time

You decide when you want to take on a delivery.

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Work on Your Terms

You decide what you want to bid on and deliver.

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Work on Your Turf

You decide on where you would like to work – locally or otherwise.

Meet Bid2Bring
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How Bid2Bring Works

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Download the Bid2Bring app and sign up as a Bringer. From here, fill out your information, including your preferred working distance from your current location and the type of vehicle you own.

Find deliveries in your designated area and bid on them. Once a customer has accepted your bid, you will be assigned to the delivery.

The Bid2Bring app will give you the pick up and drop off locations for your delivery so you can get the item safely delivered to your customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are made through Stripe, minus their processing fee and Bid2Bring’s five percent commission. Payments are transferred directly to your bank account.

Your payment is the bid you and your customer agreed upon, minus Stripe’s processing fee and Bid2Bring’s five percent commission.

The accepted bid minus the 5% fee to Bid2Bring and the 3rd party secure payment ( fees.

No. Bid2Bring accepts no liability, and serves only as a platform through which Bringers and customers can make agreements and send or receive payments. If you are using a motor vehicle to make deliveries, be sure to check with your insurance carrier to make sure you have the appropriate coverage.


No, but Bid2Bring encourages you to avoid entering homes unless necessary. As an independent contractor-courier, you are not insured by Bid2Bring.


Bid2Bring reserves the right to perform criminal background checks on Bringers, and will make decisions on a case-by-case basis.


Bid2Bring does not require a DMV printout. However, if we receive complaints regarding reckless driving or other unsafe behavior, Bringers can be suspended or permanently deactivated from the platform.

Car or bike ownership is not a requirement, but it is against Bid2Bring policy to use somebody else’s vehicle for this business without their knowledge and consent.

Bid2Bring places no restriction on your ability to use a rented vehicle, but you should check with Uber, Lyft, or the car rental agency to make sure your agreement with them does not prohibit using their vehicle for other commercial purposes.

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Become a bringer now.

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