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Bid2Bring is built for convenience, whether you’re a customer or a bringer. No matter the item, no matter the time, no matter the distance, you can always request a delivery and receive bids.

There is no commitment until the bid has been accepted and the job has started. Payments through our app are secure, quick, and easy. We accept all major credit cards.

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Big or small, fragile or unbreakable, items, meals and groceries can be delivered swiftly and safely.

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Day or night, sunset or sunrise, deliveries can be carried out and tracked in real-time via GPS.

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Near or far, biking distance or driving distance, deliveries can be taken care of along already existing routes.

Discover your path. Learn more about being a customer or bringer for Bid2Bring.

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Quite unique, but user-friendly, Bid2Bring is all about convenience.

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Available Regions

Areas of Service

Bid2Bring is currently active in the state of California, with a larger presence concentrated in the greater areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

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Los Angeles

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San Francisco

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San Diego

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“So, I’ve had two deliveries with b2b… both went pretty well. The only issue I had was I couldn’t access the delivery address easily. Reported the bug and bid2bring is fixing this in the next update. I would gladly use bid2bring again.”

Robert Boyd.

Bringer in Los Angeles
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A one-stop solution for all your delivery needs.
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